A  N  T  H  O  N  Y    S  C  I  B  I  L  I  A
States of Consciousness (Amsterdam) Installation View,
"Gallery 7-H"
Berklee College of Music
Currently on view

Images from series on display:
1, 2, 3, 4 (with environment), 6, and 5.

For image 4 from this series, I have created an “environment.” With this
environment, I was interested in extending the reach of that particular picture into the viewer's space. I also wanted to explore three dimensionally several of the themes embodied in the other photographs. While I have chosen to display image number 4 in its environment for my current show, it can also be shown without that environment. I had initially intended to create environments for more than one (and possibly all) of the displayed images, but the labor-intensive nature of the project imposed its own limits for this particular exhibition.

The exhibition is curated by Professor Henry Tate, hosted by the Liberal Arts Department at Berklee, and supported by a Faculty Fellowship from the Berklee Office of Faculty Development.
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